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Toa Hapiri by xxXZ-manXxx
Toa Hapiri
A Toa of Ice, Hapiri is a sort of hunter/tracker. While he was once part of a team, he was only ever loosely affiliated with them and much prefers the company of Rahi. He uses his variant great Komau to issue commands to his partner, an Energy Hound named Cavax. Hapiri could be found stalking the snowy forests of the southernmost islands of the Matoran Universe in the time after the Great Cataclysm, but once the Shattering was reversed he escaped to the colder regions of Spherus Magna to continue his nomadic life.

Not pictured is Hapiri's weapon; a makeshift crossbow he fashioned himself after his original weapons were broken. Rather than carrying around any sort of ammo, Hapiri forms it on-the-fly using his powers over cold. While this means his ammo is essentially unlimited, it leaves him to a disadvantage in places of extreme high temperatures, such as deserts and volcanoes.

Toa Hapiri was one of eight Toa that comprised his team. His team was in charge of safeguarding the eastern section of the Northern Continent. While Hapiri was never at-odds with his team, he very much preferred to keep to himself. This built an air of suspicion and mystery around him that often made his brethren uncomfortable. Some time ago, Hapiri had apparently commited a "great crime." A crime which would stain him for the rest of his life. His weapons were broken by his own leader, and he was exiled far off to the wild islands of the south.

What was this great crime he committed? How bad could it have possibly been? Only he and a handful of his former team know exactly what had happened, and he certainly isn't speaking about it.
Alistaire by xxXZ-manXxx
Another denizen of the world of Farevale.

Alistaire is a Dullahan, a Fairy of the dark and feared Unseelie court. As a Dullahan, Alistaire is often driven to find places of strife and death. There he arrives on his pitch-black Shire Stallion to deliver ill omens to those destined to die soon. No one would dare interfere with his mission, as they would be swiftly punished. While not as malicious as other Fae of his kind, Alistaire's close relationship with Death, along with his gruesome appearance causes those who see him to run in fear. Because of this he wears an ornate greathelm unnaturally suspended atop his neck to hide his true nature, stowing his severed head in a satchel slung over his back.

While delivering omens, Alistaire is permitted only to speak the names of those destined to die soon. Otherwise he is able to speak freely. He is respectful and proper, if very ill-tempered and easily offended. Those who treat him with respect and kindness will sometimes (but not often) be blessed with good health, though most societies shun those who would try to gain the favor of a Dullahan. When delivering omens, gates and doors will open for Alistaire, no matter how tightly they may be locked. He is able to "see" without the use of his head, though is actual eyes have an unnaturally long, extended range of vision that help him seek out those he is to visit.

Alistaire's mouth is extended from ear-to-ear by two grotesque, infected scars. When someone attempts to interrupt his mission, these scars tear open and his jaw unhinges completely. From this monstrous opening he'll vomit a stream of plague-ridden blood at the offender. This will often guarantee a personal visit from him soon after. Unusually for his kind, Alistaire foregoes a barbed whip and instead wields a Zweihänder with a shortened cross-guard. Even Alistaire is unsure why he carries this weapon. Like his (admittedly ironic) name, he has simply had it as long as he can remember.

Though immortal, Alistaire is not entirely invulnerable. Weapons forged from gold will wound him as they would any human, and require the same amount of time to heal. The sword which originally killed him can also be used to perform the deed again, assuming the individual blade can even be found. Other weapons will pierce his flesh but do not cause pain. Any wound created by a normal weapon will immediately seal once it is removed. Even his armor will seal up, leaving no trace of the attack behind. Alistaire's head shares the same weaknesses and strengths as the rest of his body, and is not at all a "weak spot." Stealing it from him will probably cause a considerable amount of distress, however. After all, it is is head.
Shell Keeper by xxXZ-manXxx
Shell Keeper
Created by an aquatic god that never truly grained sentience, the Shell Keepers were made for the singular purpose of cleaning and maintaining their god's massive shell, in which they also lived. Their god, an enormous divine creature lacking in self-awareness, never realized the achievement it had made in creating them. These aquatic humanoids who had achieved an intelligence and sentience it would never know.

First came worship. Then civilization. Language. Culture. All centered around their animal god. Even now, long after the deity has died and its soft body has dissolved in to the sea, they continue to maintain its shell. They hope that maybe one day it will return to grace them with its embrace.


I tried to create something a little different than the normal "fish people" race. Hence the shell cranium and "aquatic wings" which they use to propel themselves through the water.
Crimson: Knight of the Prismatic Order by xxXZ-manXxx
Crimson: Knight of the Prismatic Order
Concept design for a character of mine, one of a number of knights. Each wears a different color. He doesn't wear too much heavy plate, as he values maneuverability. He's also the ranger/tracker of the group. Which is kind of ironic since red doesn't exactly blend in with the trees. Fun Fact: He shares the same world as Caela:…

EDIT: Forgot to slap the Farevale insignia on his chestplate. Fix'd
It's been like three years since I've done a journal.


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